LEDRay F900 IR 5W Kit

Key Features:
  • Infra-Red torch designed for use with Night Vision equipment
  • Interchangeable LED system
  • Focusable lens system (Spot > Flood)
  • Precise magnetic brightness control
  • Remote stock mounted switch
  • Unique designed mounting system for 1” or 30mm scopes
  • IR Wavelength = 840-850nm
Additional Features:
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Weaver rail mount & 1″ & 30mm scope mounts
  • Adjustable torch mounting system

Quickly interchangeable white, red, green and IR LED's. The F900 lights have been developed to provide one of the best long-range beams for solo hunting up to 800m. A unique integrated magnetic stepless dimmer system allows for quick brightness adjustment from spot to flood.

Optional extra - 70mm lens head with snoot

Includes Tracerís exclusive registered design mount system, developed to be fully adjustable to account for windage and elevation for precise targeting

Tracer LEDRay F900
LEDRay F900 Torch
Mounting system
(1″ or 30mm scopes)
Remote Switch
Stock mounted switch
1.5″ Snoot
Battery Charger
1 x 18650 Battery & Charger
Max. Range
Max. Runtime
Battery Configuration
1 x 18650
Dimensions (")
Dimensions (mm)
Weight (oz)
Weight (grams)